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Unit Tests and Numerical Code: Designing for Increased Testability

I’m going to be talking about unit testing numerics and how to design classes in a C++ environment.  A lot of these concepts can and do apply to other languages. … Continue reading

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Setting up Subversion and More Android Links

Just wanted to take a quick note of a few things I read today to help me job my memory on setting up Subversion on Vista: Coding Horror’s entry Bernhard’s … Continue reading

December 6, 2010 · Leave a comment

Up or Out? You’re both missing the point!

I read a TechCrunch article the other day and then a response at Scripting News.  They’re about as opposite as you can get in both argument, content but not conclusion.  … Continue reading

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Defining a Good Development Environment

I was asked what I thought defined a good development environment and the answer I gave to that question utterly failed to capture what my experience has taught me.  First … Continue reading

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