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Setting up Subversion and More Android Links

Just wanted to take a quick note of a few things I read today to help me job my memory on setting up Subversion on Vista:

  1. Coding Horror’s entry
  2. Bernhard’s Blog
  3. Ben Hall’s Blog

I kept running into issues until I realized that I hadn’t left spaces between the options for Microsoft’s OpenSCManager.

And here are two links to tutorial like Android sites:

  1. Xtensive Arts
  2. Android-er

Android-er is a fantastic site.  I admire anyone that puts up even simple little things about Android on their blog.  I bet they’re getting decent feedback and tips from others out there who are doing Android development full time.

Also, if you haven’t read, Android 2.3 is here.  They’ve updated the SDK with some new features.  Naturally no one can take advantage of them yet but hopefully…

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This entry was posted on December 6, 2010 by in Android, Software Development.
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