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Reading More About Type-Classes and Scala

I’ve been reading about ways in which Haskell and even OCaml do “ad Hoc” polymorphism without really understanding deeply the implications.  (I still don’t but I’m a little closer.) Read … Continue reading

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Getting My Head Around Scala Traits

I finally got a chance to work on some code this weekend outside of work and had one of my “Ah-ha” moments when working with Scala Traits.  If you’re a … Continue reading

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Python, the GIL, Actor models and the “future” of concurrency

I’ll get to Python in just a second but first, something uplifting and positive.  I love me some Scala.  I really, really do.  With the new 2.8 release it has … Continue reading

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Dynamic Problem Solution in Scala

First of all, thanks Ittay for your comment, it helped me to formulate a solution.  I’m not exactly happy about this solution and still think there’s a better way for … Continue reading

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Solution in Scala to the Previous Post

My previous solution in terms of Scala was being hamstrung by the type system, sorta.  I’m a big fan of Hindley-Milner type inference and Scala lacks a complete implementation.  It … Continue reading

April 17, 2010 · 6 Comments

Scala zipWithIndex for Pythonistas

Python is a wonderful language.  I use it for scripting all the time.  Hell, I use it for prototyping things too!  I love that REPL.  Using it I’ve had many … Continue reading

March 20, 2010 · 3 Comments

First Coding Challenge Continued

The problem with the ascii table is that the alphanumeric characters are not congruent.  Upper case letters start from 65 and end at 90, lower case letters start at 97 … Continue reading

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Ideas for Coding Challenges

At work I’m splitting my time between two groups: my old group which develops software in the wild-west fashion and another group using a very process heavy waterfall model.  Most … Continue reading

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On Bottlenecks and Performance

It strikes me as odd just how many people love to prematurely optimize or optimize without benchmarking.  Moreover, it’s unequivocally disastrous when the choice to optimize is made by non-programmers … Continue reading

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Composing Functions: the Java approach vs the Scala approach

I asked a simple question in Stack Overflow and got back the kind of answer I should have expected, a strategy pattern.  For illustrative purposes I’ll repeat the problem here: … Continue reading

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