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Swig, Python, Cross-Language Polymorphism and C++ Exception Handling

Back to cross-language interoperability I go!  And with me I’m bringing my dear old friend with me, SWIG. I love SWIG and I’m not afraid to admit it.  It makes … Continue reading

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Interview Questions, Reversing a Linked List

I found out yesterday that during an interview process, the interviewer gave candidates 20 min. to solve the reversing a linked list problem.  Personally, I can’t believe that it would … Continue reading

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Singletons, Aaargh!

To me, singleton is a four letter word.  I understand they have their places but I find them few and far between.  Thread pools, Socket pools, DB Connection pools and … Continue reading

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Template Meta-Programming and Compiler Issues

Nothing beats working with a compiler that isn’t standards compliant or has some weird bug that you just hit.  I used to work with VC++ 6.0 but was updated to … Continue reading

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Interview Questions

So I read a post on Hacker News that someone’s favorite C++ question was to explain the usage of the keyword “virtual.”  That’s pretty easy to answer and I’m fairly … Continue reading

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The Real solution to the last question

Hat tip Roger Pate.  Taken from the poster spong, in answer to the question: size_t get_num_of_ints( const int* arr, size_t r, int N, size_t* first ){     std::pair<const int … Continue reading

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Let Me Reprise That

Why did I use template meta-programming in the last solution?  That solution would only have made sense had I been able to assume a Boost::Array wherein the function would have … Continue reading

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Interview Questions

There’s a post on StackOverflow dealing with a C++ interview question and the OP’s answer.  Unlike many candidates he’s actually trying to understand why his code was deemed sub-optimal.  Fantastic!  … Continue reading

March 14, 2010 · 2 Comments

Ideas for Coding Challenges

At work I’m splitting my time between two groups: my old group which develops software in the wild-west fashion and another group using a very process heavy waterfall model.  Most … Continue reading

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On Bottlenecks and Performance

It strikes me as odd just how many people love to prematurely optimize or optimize without benchmarking.  Moreover, it’s unequivocally disastrous when the choice to optimize is made by non-programmers … Continue reading

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