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Functional Code in the News

Over at Hacker News the past few days a couple of articles became known to me and before they get buried by the other articles I’d like to link them:

  1. Introduction to Category Theory in Scala
  2. What Does Haskell Have to do With C++?
  3. Applicative Programming, Disjoint Unions, Semigroups and Non-Breaking Error Handling

I found the C++ one to be fantastic.  I really had no idea what C++0x would bring to the table in terms of template meta-programming (something I get but don’t “get.”)  The Scala article is a good “continue to help me get my head around higher stuff”-type article.  The last one was just plain cool.  I’m going to have to read each article a few more times to have any of it sink in.  Then again, I’m still attempting to pin down Android development in my little free time.

Not enough hours in the day, no?

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This entry was posted on November 28, 2010 by in C++, Scala.
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