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To Neil Buttersworth, Thanks

When I look at the profile of someone on StackOverflow I compare the number of answers they’ve given which were neither upvoted nor accepted to those that were.  To me this is a sort of signal to noise ratio.  I’m fairly guilty of having a low average question score (~19), few Nice Answer on technical questions (only 4, 6 of them are fluff pieces) and no Good Answer to a technical question at all (again, the two I have are fluff.)

There are people out there whose low SO rating belie their technical skill/knowledge but whose average rating and answer content magnify it.  There are also very high ranked people whose scores have been amassed by a preponderance of 1 up-voted answers.  Then there are people like Neil Buttersworth who had an astounding 300 Nice Answers plus pages worth of high up-voted response (I didn’t hit 1 up-votes until page 86 of searching.)

People like Neil humble me.  I read his responses and learned.  It was almost better than a text book; none I have seen match so many real world problems with concise and pinpoint clarity.  So to Neil, thanks bud.  Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, I still enjoy scrolling through the encyclopedia of wealth you provided to the community.  I just wish I could have said so before you felt the need to go.  Mea Culpa.

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This entry was posted on October 24, 2010 by in Mea Culpa.
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