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Wubi, Eclipse, Android SDK and more

I’ve had a very busy weekend.  I used Wubi to install Ubuntu on my machine at home, downloaded the PyDev add-on for Eclipse and configured my Android SDK download so that it actually works.

First on Ubuntu.  I’ve been meaning to get this onto my machine for a while now but didn’t want to spend time fighting Vista to create a partition and then configuring Ubuntu to work on that partition.  Want to keep reading?  Are you sure?  Vista needs administrative rights to continue…  Oh, this is the administrative account?  You sure?  Really?  Forgetting Vista headache there’s still about a million things that can go wrong.  Wubi makes it so much simpler.

Then on the PyDev module.  Most of my Python code is small scripts to make my life easy.  Hell, I’d even say the majority of it was either written to learn something new or do one thing once.  All throw away code.  That said, one of my managers has made subtle references to me learning Django.  Once I’m done playing around with Android development I have a real desire to play around with Django, or Scala’s Lift, or maybe RoR, or jQuery and Javascript…  Shit, I need to focus.

Finally Android.  What a PITA to get it to all sync up.  First I downloaded the SDK, the packages, and the Eclipse plug-in.  Then I created some virtual devices, configured Eclipse and still couldn’t create a “Hello World!” app because I couldn’t find any Android target machines.  After updating and then reinstalling the entire Android SDK with no luck, I had to force an update to Eclipse itself.  That was no small feat, I had to dig through the internet to find out why Eclipse kept getting hung up on an update.  Finally, I got everything working and now it’s 9pm.

Next up on my agenda is looking at how to incorporate Scala into Android apps.  I missed the Boston Scala special event a few months back detailing how to properly avoid overwhelming Dalvik’s GC.  Good thing it appears SO has a bunch of questions open on this.  Bad thing is it’s all over the place.

Btw, anyone have a look at Squeryl yet?  I don’t have time atm to take a gander but sounds damn promising.  I’d really love to know how it all work automagically.

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This entry was posted on September 26, 2010 by in Android, Java, Pet Project, Python, Scala.
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