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A job posting with it’s own stay-off-the-grass sign

I came across this job posting tonight and had a good laugh.  No, this isn’t like the one I posted about before looking for a .NET developer on Linux who also did embedded and web programming.  This one starts off with about as big of a warning label as I’ve ever seen.  It’s written by a contract company, one that is used by others companies to produce software they, themselves, can not create under a threshold cost:

A team is struggling to meet deadlines. It has motivated, hardworking people, but needs technical guidance and direction. It needs someone to bring good programming practices, improve the Quality, and Maintainability of the code while meeting tight deadlines…

Let me break that down for you, in my most cynical way possible.  I’m not fair but I can’t resist.  I guess I’m scarred by my own past experiences dealing with such firms and being in many ways currently employed by one.  Thankfully we’re not hired based solely on price (we’re actually competent in our core capabilities.)  That would be disastrous.

The first line says that either a) there is something wrong with their development practices b) they don’t know how to properly assess a work proposal or c) someone other than the developers pick the schedule.  The second sentence is a come on, meant to say that you’d be taking a leadership role but no where else is there a mention of any higher responsibilities.  It’s fluff.  The final sentence spills the beans.  This isn’t an extraordinary company, it’s one that wants to be but doesn’t know how.

Whenever I see “tight deadlines” for any company that is an outsourcing firm, especially one attempting to dangle a carrot on a stick, I know that they aren’t lying.  These companies are up against cut-throat competition, the kinds of companies that will cut any and all corners just to fill the exact letter of their contracts but nothing more.  Bugs don’t get fixed, features get implemented.  Schedule is all that matters.

Not convinced?  Here’s the 2nd entry on their staff list, the one displayed to potential clients on their webpage:

Mr. Pending
Pending: Update this section with the rest of the staff.

Then again it appears to be a WordPress theme for a website, using the  #ifyoulikedthat plug-in.  Ugh!

Hey, at least they’re honest.  They’ve got tight deadlines, need help understanding good software development practices and struggling at the moment.

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