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Monthly Archives: June, 2010

Cog, Meet Wrench

Originally I thought I’d entitle this post “Eloquently Not” to highlight how a seemingly eloquent solution could be so utterly poor in light of another solution or a change in … Continue reading

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Enforcing Parameter Constness in Python with Decorators?

I should have suspected that memoization is one of those run-of-the-mill type decorators. You know what I mean, everyone has probably done one at some point.  And just like everyone … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Programmers: Scripting “Wrist Work”

I love coding.  I like writing little functions that together create magic.  I like optimizing performance in performance critical applications.  I like refactoring code I’ve written to make it more … Continue reading

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A memoizing decorator

I like decorators in Python as they take a fairly basic design pattern and turn it into a succinct way of expressing functionality within code.  I’ve also had to make … Continue reading

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Swig, Python, and C++ exceptions, part 5

What a wonderful time I’m having with Swig, cross-language polymorphism, and C++ exception catching.  My last post indicated how I would proceed with exception handling and I attempted to work … Continue reading

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Swig, Python, and C++ exceptions, part 4

Addressing Abstract C++ Classes Last post I was discussing using the %notabstract Swig preprocessor instruction on my abstract C++ class.  While Swig was able to create the Foo_wrap.cxx file, gcc … Continue reading

June 6, 2010 · 2 Comments

Swig, Python and C++ exceptions, part 3

I patted myself on the back way too soon to be proud.  If you look back to the first post and know a little about Swig you might see why.  … Continue reading

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