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Monthly Archives: May, 2010

Swig, Python and C++ Exceptions (cont’)

Greater success today with implementing exception passing between Python and C++.  Learned a few gotchas, used a tip from SO, and generally all around excited to continue with the project … Continue reading

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Swig, Python, Cross-Language Polymorphism and C++ Exception Handling

Back to cross-language interoperability I go!  And with me I’m bringing my dear old friend with me, SWIG. I love SWIG and I’m not afraid to admit it.  It makes … Continue reading

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Interview Questions, Reversing a Linked List

I found out yesterday that during an interview process, the interviewer gave candidates 20 min. to solve the reversing a linked list problem.  Personally, I can’t believe that it would … Continue reading

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Singletons, Aaargh!

To me, singleton is a four letter word.  I understand they have their places but I find them few and far between.  Thread pools, Socket pools, DB Connection pools and … Continue reading

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Template Meta-Programming and Compiler Issues

Nothing beats working with a compiler that isn’t standards compliant or has some weird bug that you just hit.  I used to work with VC++ 6.0 but was updated to … Continue reading

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Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I’m looking at the job boards once again.  You know the ones:  Monster, Career Builder, and Dice.  I do check the Stack Overflow job listings once in a while.  Even … Continue reading

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Are Test Machines Necessary?

Long story short, I have no test machine at work. I can’t do clean installs nor can I replicate potential customer machines.  Moreover, my boss doesn’t want me “wasting” my … Continue reading

May 6, 2010 · 1 Comment