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Monthly Archives: March, 2010

Interview Questions

So I read a post on Hacker News that someone’s favorite C++ question was to explain the usage of the keyword “virtual.”  That’s pretty easy to answer and I’m fairly … Continue reading

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Late night reading of other people’s blogs

It’s amazing how much you learn by exploring the differences between two languages and how to re-express ideas between the two.  I’ve been exploring Python’s itertools, Scala’s Iterator/Iterable and for-comprehensions.  … Continue reading

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SO Repuation Reset

Gadzukes!  I’ve seen quite a hit to my rep, not that it was much to brag about anyways.  At first I thought something had happened to my account.  Perhaps some … Continue reading

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Scala zipWithIndex for Pythonistas

Python is a wonderful language.  I use it for scripting all the time.  Hell, I use it for prototyping things too!  I love that REPL.  Using it I’ve had many … Continue reading

March 20, 2010 · 3 Comments

The Real solution to the last question

Hat tip Roger Pate.  Taken from the poster spong, in answer to the question: size_t get_num_of_ints( const int* arr, size_t r, int N, size_t* first ){     std::pair<const int … Continue reading

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Let Me Reprise That

Why did I use template meta-programming in the last solution?  That solution would only have made sense had I been able to assume a Boost::Array wherein the function would have … Continue reading

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Interview Questions

There’s a post on StackOverflow dealing with a C++ interview question and the OP’s answer.  Unlike many candidates he’s actually trying to understand why his code was deemed sub-optimal.  Fantastic!  … Continue reading

March 14, 2010 · 2 Comments

First Coding Challenge Continued

The problem with the ascii table is that the alphanumeric characters are not congruent.  Upper case letters start from 65 and end at 90, lower case letters start at 97 … Continue reading

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Ideas for Coding Challenges

At work I’m splitting my time between two groups: my old group which develops software in the wild-west fashion and another group using a very process heavy waterfall model.  Most … Continue reading

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